A Brief Guide to Premium Paper

If you’re seeking a high-quality paper for your office, you have several options. Many companies offer this kind of paper, which includes Neenah Paper, Strathmore, French Paper Co., and Xerox. How do you decide which one is the most suitable one? Here’s a brief guide to top-quality paper.

Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper is a global exporter and producer of premium papers, specializing in cotton-based products. Their product portfolio includes premium cover, metallic and text. They also make specialty products like recycled paper, and are dedicated to sustainable production. Their production facilities are located throughout the US and in Canada.

In addition to their vast portfolio, Neenah Paper also focuses on collaborations with high-profile fashion and design firms. Recent collaborations include Neenah Paper with the design team behind iconic furniture like the Eames chair. Additionally, French Paper has partnered with Minneapolis-based, six-person Charles S. Anderson Design.


Strathmore premium paper is among the finest papers that are available. It is non-acidic and is available in a variety of textures. Professional artists will be enthralled by it. It is made from cotton fibers and is archival- and eco-friendly. This premium paper is ideal for every kind of project including invitations, letterheads, legal documents and much more.

Since 1892 in the year 1892, the Strathmore collection has set new standards in design. It features a variety of cotton papers colors, finishes, and surface technologies that both keep the tradition alive and incorporate modern technology. The resultant range of high-end papers adds a touch of luxury to print communications.

French Paper Co

French Paper Co is a Michigan-based company. It has been producing high-quality paper since the late 1800s. The company operates more than twenty-one stores across the country, with the goal of advertising its brand to as many consumers as is feasible. In addition to its own stores, the company also has distributors throughout the United States, including independent retailers. Kate’s Paperie is one such retailer, which has a good reputation for excellent customer service and an extensive assortment of more than 4000 different kinds of paper. Paper Source, Patina and Paper Depot are other independent retailers that sell French Paper Co products. They all have their headquarters in Minneapolis.

The market for premium paper is marked by a high degree of brand loyalty. This is the case for consumers as well as companies graphic designers, companies and other businesses.

Xerox Bold Professional TM

Xerox Bold Professional TM premium paper is an environmentally-friendly and high-performance paper. It accurately reproduces essay writer job colors and details. Its 98 percent brightness premium makes it an ideal choice for presentations and documents. It is also free of chlorine and acid, making it safe for archival purposes. This paper is 24 pounds and can be used in both color and black-and white printing.

Paper is composed of cellulose fibers. The fibers are typically made from trees. However certain fibers can be derived from cotton or recycled rags. The type of fiber used can influence the overall quality of the paper. The best quality paper will have a smoother, more polished surface and less coarse texture. It will also create more precise halftones and solid regions.


Classic is a premium mechanical book printing paper that offers great colour reproduction and excellent B/W text. Its even shade, high volume and brightness make it suitable for printing large areas. It is made of sustainably managed wood and is available in various weights. It can be used for HSWO or offset printing on sheets. It is also available on reels.

CLASSIC(r) Grandee

CLASSIC(r), Grandee premium paper is wide-lined and characterized by a soft texture and a felt finish. It is available in five standard whites and three gray shades and four vibrant colors such as tartan green, Ming blue, and Bordeaux purple. These papers can also be used for offset printing, which results in a high-quality ink holdout.