A remote and you may allegedly backward outlying city or region

A remote and you may allegedly backward outlying city or region

It’s one of several fictional brands Australians used to refer so you’re able to a typical put in the outback, as well as Oodnagalahbi, Bullamakanka, and you can Bandywallop. Just as in Woop Woop, they allude to help you remoteness, insufficient sophistication, or each other. Woop Woop is actually an effective jocular formation which is most likely determined by the usage of reduplication during the Aboriginal languages to indicate plurality otherwise strength. Loads of actual Australian placenames, eg Wagga Wagga, is examples of reduplication. The original proof getting Woop Woop occurs in this new 1890s.

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1940 Split (Vent Phillip) 31 October: If i go to the moving for the Thursday, I shall need to go out-of Woop-Woop.

1993 Roentgen. Fitzgerald 11 Deadly Sins: It is preferable to refer in order to a person’s challenger due to the fact ‘the fresh new honourable representative to possess Woopwoop’ in lieu of as ‘that idiot scumbag’.

Someone who try in public areas censorious away from someone else and the pleasures it seek; one whoever own habits are puritanical or prudish; a great killjoy. Wowser, however current inside Australian incorporate, is filed away from 1900. The resource is actually uncertain. It can be away from United kingdom dialect wow ‘to help you howl or bark because a dog; in order to wail’ and you can ‘so you’re able to complain; so you’re able to complain, build complaint’, however it is perhaps an effective coinage away from John Norton, who had been the editor of one’s Quarterly report newsprint Truth out-of 1891–1916. The guy stated to have invented they, saying ‘We earliest provided they public utterance on the [Sydney] Urban area Council, while i used it so you’re able to Alderman Waterhouse, just who We known as . this new white, woolly, tired, watery, word-throwing away wowser out-of Waverley’. Indeed the first facts to own wowser is located in Realities. Wowser was a productive identity who’s got offered rise so you can terms eg wowserish, wowserdom, and you can wowserism – which are in play with now.

1906 Knowledge (Sydney) 25 February: An excellent wowser do not walk through the latest Art gallery without getting surprised from the enjoying the image of a few well-proportioned goddess.

1989 Sun (Melbourne) 14 March: So there are lots of wowsers exactly who faith Dr Ruth is feel censored and people speak regarding sex confined strictly to your room.

To possess an early conversation of the history of wowser see the blog post ‘Impress to have Wowser!’ (page 7) in our Ozwords publication out-of Can get 1997.


Regularly specify technique of Aboriginal color you to definitely came from Western Arnhem Land (Northern Territory). The idea is characterised from the portrayal out of inner as well because the outside organs of topic, since if new musician is enjoying they with X-ray sight. The original proof the phrase is found in the early 1940s.

1978 R. Edwards Aboriginal Ways around australia: The newest greatest X-beam illustrations have their residence from the west. Inside, the new singer illustrates just the newest additional options that come with the pet, individual or spirit becoming he is paint, but also the spinal column, heart, lungs or other body organs. It is a normal technique for appearing that there is more to a full time income thing than simply additional looks.


Any kind of multiple freshwater crayfish appreciated once the dinner, particularly the popular species Cherax destructor that is indigenous to southern area-eastern Australia. Angling to have yabbies is commonly a favourite teens recollections getting Australians who existed near an excellent dam or creek. Some sequence reduced towards liquid, with some fresh animal meat associated with they towards the yabby to help you latch on to, is the old-fashioned fishing approach. Yabbies are great to eat (plenty of kinds can now be found for the cafe menus) and are also utilized as the angling bait. The definition of yabby is actually a borrowing regarding Wemba Wemba vocabulary away from Victoria. The earliest evidence of they dates regarding 1840s, features produced plenty of substance terms such as for example yabby farming, yabby internet, and yabby trap.